Samsung Smart TV ES6710S Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Smart TV ES6710S | Manual and user guide PDF Samsung Smart TV ES6710S. Enjoy the benefits offered Slim LED TV from Samsung 6 series, a world of entertainment possibilities at your fingertips with new applications discovered.

Get unlimited universe of content conveniently from the couch and share much more easily and quickly with your Slim LED TV Series 6 Samsung.

Detailed features of the Samsung Smart TV ES6710S.

Discover a new world of home entertainment with Samsung Smart Hub menu updated and three new services. Family Story allows you to share photos, messages and most important events with your loved ones. Kids can learn while having fun thanks to the Kids application. Besides, you can work out and manage your training tables feature Fitness. With incredible access to Samsung Apps applications and web content, Skype and more, you will enter into a new world of family entertainment.

Enjoy a level of realism never seen. With a resolution two times higher than a standard HD TV, a Smart TV gives you an incredible immersive viewing experience that will make you dive into the screen. When you check the richness and texture of your images Full HD, your favorite shows and series will not return to the same thing. Discover a new reality through the Full HD experience.

With Connect Share Movie, simply connect your USB memory or hard disk to your TV and instantly have all your movies, photos and songs. Now, you can enjoy all your content on TV from the comfort of your couch.

Your personal media library. Record and store TV shows and movies with Extended Personal Video Recorder Ready. Simply plug in a USB memory drive or HDD into your TV’s USB port, select which show to record and download them onto the drive.

Designed for maximum appeal. Samsung’s One Design maximises the viewing experience as well as enhances your home interior. One Design elegantly combines the LED TV’s bezel with its panel to remove any barriers from a seamless viewing experience.

Download USER GUIDE of Samsung Smart TV ES6710S

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