Samsung PL170 PL171 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung PL170 PL171 | Guide and user manual in PDF English

Samsung PL170 PL171 . Retrátate LCD PL170 PL171 screen dual screen. Thank you to the screen front and rear 1.5 ” 3 ” screen, you can take self-portraits without any problems and then easily view them on your widescreen.

Detailed characteristics of the Samsung PL170 PL171 camera .

The top button is used to activate and instantly disable the LCD front panel and change the way fashion photo movie, or choose among different shooting . And with smart settings will perfect photos a breeze .

Double your pleasure with its dual LCD. Get perfect shots with minimal effort , the front screen of your camera 1.5 ” Samsung 2View PL170 and PL171 you will appear on the pictures . You can see by making a self -portrait, so easy. Turn the camera to take photos on your screen 3” . Change the way to capture your memories. The way for children and their animation options help you attract the attention of children. Skip mode warns you before three photos continuously. With timer, counter with its visual coordinarás group photos for all to smile at a time. And with the start / stop button , you will manage the battery. Desencuadradas ran photos and children crying . You ever had so much fun with a camera .

You know, and gets the best of you. Samsung PL170 PL171 camera is not only a clever design. Thank you to the technology Smart Face Recognition , the PL120 always shoot in every time, the best of you . Being able to recognize up to 20 faces , will focus on the first, making sure you always go smoother . In addition, as your camera never forgets a face, you can perform more efficient searches among the faces that you have previously saved.

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