Samsung NX10 Manual and user guide in PDF

 Samsung NX10 | Manual and user guide in PDFSamsung NX10. When it comes to capturing important moments never commit . The Samsung NX10 camera provides great features like 14.6 -megapixel CMOS sensor APS- C size that gives you pictures of high quality.

Detailed features of the Samsung NX10.

It has the perfect size to take her everywhere but also impresses with striking features like high definition recording and auto focus for faster shooting.

Auto focus. The Samsung NX10 has an innovative design with no internal mirror or pentaprism , is compact and lightweight. With the auto focus will give you time to capture quick moments in an instant . You will always be prepared to make great photos and sharing them with family and friends .

AMOLED display 3.0. NX10 Samsung ‘s AMOLED display carries a 3.0″ display for your clearer than ever with better lighting. Also, with a response rate 3000 times greater than with an LCD screen and a dynamic contrast ratio of 1000 : 1 you see clearer images without angles protruding , a reproduction of unsurpassed color.

Now HD video quality in a compact camera. If you’d rather take pictures than videos but do not want to give up any option NX10 is perfect for you. You’ll get a quality video in 720p HD format camera and advanced video compression of H. 264 CMOS sensor APS- C size large king not only provides clear and detailed video clips, also allows the central objects photo stand out as if in motion. Although if you want to watch HD movies on your HDTV the high definition multimedia interface is perfect for sending digital data.

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