Samsung Galaxy Young 2 Manual

Samsung Galaxy Young 2. If you are starting in the world of smartphones, this Galaxy may be one of the best options. Simple and with good features to assimilate Android concepts and do it for very little.

Samsung Galaxy Young 2 | Manual and user guide PDF

The Galaxy Young 2 is a compact smartphone with a 3.5 “screen.We can enjoy videos, photos and games in comfort and anywhere thanks to its small dimensions.

Download Manual and User Guide of the Samsung Galaxy Young 2

The design lives up to Samsung and highlights its casing in Synthetic leather with an elegant and sophisticated texture.The device can be comfortably handled with one hand.

Inside it hides a powerful processor at 1 GHz for our messages and applications to fly from one device to another. It has 0.5 GB of RAM to give the operating system fluidity.

Of course, this is Android, KitKat version 4.4 with a new optimized memory manager and a better user experience. Of internal storage we have 4 GB that are left in the middle after deducting the OS and the applications pre-installed.

The camera has a resolution of 3 MP without flash but that can get us out of a hurry in social networks. Obviously it is not ready for audiovisual capture but it is not the main objective of this device.

The 1,300 mAh battery gives us good autonomy and up to 24 hours of music playback. We will always have it ready and with battery, even in the worst days.

And if what you are called are Android games, with Gameloft you can enjoy eight free games. And from Google Play you can download thousands of games and applications. A world of possibilities.

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