Samsung Galaxy Trend plus Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy Trend plus Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy Trend plus Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy Trend plus. If you are looking for a device to watch movies or spend a thousand times favorite game: the Gaglaxy Tren Plus is indicated. In addition to its beautiful and compact design, it has great autonomy and a powerful interior to get it all.

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The installed operating system is Android in its Jelly Bean version. The new features make the use of the system much more intuitive and learn from our customs to be more functional. It is also more optimized than the previous version to run much more fluid even if specifications do not increase.

Under the casing we find a powerful Dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz so that nothing is resisted and everything runs smoothly. Applications in the background will not be a problem and the games that demand the most performance will find it. It also has the support of 786 MB of RAM.

With these figures, the smoothness when running any application or games is maximum. The internal storage is 4 GB which discounting the installation of the OS and applications preinstalled, stays at just over 50%. Still, it’s a good amount of space available.

The Jelly Bean version has improved the notifications panel so we can see, quickly, because our device does not stop ringing. By displaying the panel we can see the first words of an email or instant message. This saves time in launching the application if we are not interested in the message at that time.

Galaxy Trend Plus has a wide 4 “widescreen WVGA-quality display, and its clear, colorful images will make the web and multimedia content to the fullest. Use with one hand.

Finally we have the camera. With a resolution of only 3.15 MP is the only glue we have found. The space can be expanded by microSD but we have no method to improve the quality of each capture. It also does not have a front camera that is something that is beginning to be more than essential.

Download Manual and User Guide of Galaxy Trend plus:

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