Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Manual And User Guide PDF
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Discover the curved screen of a revolutionary device that will change the way to use smartphones.

Download Manual and User Guide of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Not only innovates in design and how to use a smartphone with curved screen where we can see notifications and access most used applications with the display closed, but the Note Edge features a large screen Super AMOLED 5.6 ” with which to enjoy the great of our favorite videos and surf the net and read documents comfortably thanks to its beautiful contrast and saturation.

Get images with absolute clarity and so bright that your screen will look like made of diamonds. The main camera has a resolution of 16 MP so you do not have to worry about moving objects and when there is little ambient light.

With the secondary camera of 3.7 MP and aperture f / 1.9 will obtain incredible selfies.

Thanks to the multitasking feature of the Galaxy Note Edge can enjoy various applications on the same screen fluidly and very natural.

The system recognizes simple gestures that give way to complex work that will facilitate the use of our smartphone day. The quad-core processor at 2.7GHz provides performance and incredible speed.

If you’re like me and have fingers too “beautiful” for current screens, then you’ll love the S Pen.

This model is the most advanced of all and with the sensitivity of the screen Edge, which recognizes up to 2,048 pressure levels, enjoy a calligraphy precise, fluid and writing that is little short of reality but with the advantages of the technological world hand.

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