Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy Note 8. There are so many manufacturer and so many models published per year that it is impossible to be up to date. Today we have to upload the manual that will soon cease to be the flagship of Samsung in terms of “pocket computers”, I mean. The Note 9 is already knocking on the door and coming strong.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is designed so you can do with what you want. Obviously, there are tasks that stick more with your style and others, like going out with the running, no. Among the most important tasks are the internet, writing and drawing with the S Pen as if it were a notebook and capturing images in high resolution thanks to its dual rear camera. It is a minimal summary for what Note 8 offers us but it does not end here.

The most striking thing for us, from this Note 8, is the possibility of connecting to a new virtual world. These are available if we get the Samsung accessories that as you know … are not cheap. Let’s see a small summary of the four:

  • Gear VR: Possibly the one that knows the whole world. Samsung’s virtual reality glasses offer us very real experiences, games and applications. Includes remote control for the experience to be complete. The bad comes when we add the price to our order.
  • Gear 360: This small device is neither more nor less than a 360 camera to capture videos and images in 4K quality. And as we finish, we can share it with whomever we want through Note 8.
  • DeX Station: Perfect for working on any site with a screen. As easy as placing our Galaxy Note 8 on top and connecting it to the screen. If we add a keyboard and a mouse, we will have a PC available anywhere and with a minimum volume.
  • Bixby: The last one is not really an accessory since it is a virtual assistant included in the device. It offers us sites of interest, translations and we can ask you anything that comes to mind.

Note 8 itself also has great virtues and an interior / exterior worthy of praise. Infinite curved screen of 6.3 “, Quad HD + resolution, 6 GB of RAM, Octa-core processor, etc. Exceptional performance and a million possibilities.

The best thing you can do if you already have it or are thinking about getting one, is to download the user manual and delve into everything it offers you. So you can decide if you will get enough profit and if you deserve to pay the fee demanded by Samsung.

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