Samsung Galaxy Note 5 manual

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 . The largest within the big Samsung does not stop winning followers. Your Note has an unblemished reputation and if size is not a problem for you … Note 5 is your device.

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 5 manual in PDF

The design looks modern and very elegant and is based on the Galaxy S6 with soft curves and a metallic rear to give it more consistency and softness in hand. The old models of Note had the leather back but this is already history.

The size of the screen does not differ from the previous model and it offers us images in a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels in a surface of 5.7″.

The games and the multimedia content, really enjoy like in a portable console or a player of high performance This section is exactly the same as Note 4.

The performance changes hands and Qualcomm gives way to the eight-core processor Exynos 7420 of Samsung itself.

The performance is favored by the change of processor and 4 GB of RAM are added to make way for an Android super fluid and with an instant response.

Internal storage offers two options: 32 and 64 GB. Both are pretty good but you have to pull the ears by removing the microSD slot. It does not hurt anyone and it comes in handy.

The camera are practically the same and this ensures the quality in both videos and images but makes us wonder if this version was really necessary. It improves many points but worsens in one in particular: the price.

The battery is also of lower capacity, 3,000 mAh, but the best energy efficiency of the Exynos makes up for it.

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