Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Manual And User Guide PDF
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Discover lighter and sleeker smartphone Samsung. So light you’ll forget that you carry in your pocket.

Enjoy a mobile phone with a design that will be the envy of all. Its metallic appearance and a thickness of just 8 mm make this device one of the finest in the market going from low to premium ranges.

The heart of this device is no slouch with its design as it has a quad-core 1.2GHz that make a powerful processor ensures great performance and with 4G connection speed will live in your daily routine

Download Manual and User Guide of Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

.Browse like a bullet and enjoy watching your pages load quickly. Download unique applications of Samsung shop and enjoy the best content.

Of course all this does not make much sense without half of our leisure time or work we run out of battery. To avoid these setbacks have energy saving Samsung with energy efficiency we will get to use our device for longer.

This happens because this Ultrafast saving mode disables the most energy-intensive automatically.

If you’ve ever lost your mobile and history has ended up buying a new one, this will not happen again thanks to Find My Mobile of the South Korean company.

Locate your phone lost or stolen (to jail chorizo) so online and decide if you want to retrieve it or block it.

The camera includes this device has a resolution of 5 MP CMOS sensor and with which we can record videos in HD.

Incluimo una consulta realizada en los últimos días: How to access my voice mail from another phone?

  1. From any other phone, call your number
  2. Once you have skipped the voicemail, press the * key
  3. When you ask for the PIN, we put it in and press # (pad)
  4. A moment later it will start reporting new stored messages.

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