Samsung Galaxy Ch@t | Guide and user manual in PDF

Samsung Galaxy Ch@t manual usuario pdf

The Samsung Galaxy Ch@t is such a Samsung smartphone that is specially designed for users who do not need high functionality. And, as we shall see, it has great features, but is very functional.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Ch@t

The Galaxy are characterized by a terminal designed by and for the general public. A clear example is that we now have at hand. This smartphone offers a mid-range 3-inch screen and a QWERTY keyboard with which to write high speed that we will give all the necessary keys.

Also, I must say that it has a 2 megapixel camera, perfect for starting a photo blog and expose all your creations. Similarly, if it is a mobile phone as powerful single-core processor, which runs at 850 MHz, is more than enough for what we pay. In fact, this processor allows the battery lasts longer integrating what usually happens in other high-end smartphones even often be a real problem.

Here you will find the user manul Galaxy Samsung Ch @ t in PDF and in Spanish for you to manage all your options. Download the user guide now here with this link of our website. Share in Facebook.

Download user manual of Samsung Galaxy Ch@t

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