Samsung Galaxy Camera EK GC200


Samsung Galaxy Camera EK GC200Samsung Galaxy Camera EK GC200. As expected, the Samsung Galaxy camera EK-GC200 is the natural evolution of its little brother the Samsung camera EK GC100 camera.

And we say that we are simply an evolution from the substance of the main features remain such as having an HD 4.8 inch size and the integration of Jelly Bean version of the Android operating system manage each of the tasks you can perform with this exclusive society of the Korean camera.

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However, as expected given the success of the previous model, the Samsung people took great care to polish some details that were not quite right in the first.

And is that now we snapshots in low light conditions without any problem because the goals and filters have been greatly improved in every way.

That said, it is also worth mentioning that now has a much faster processor and optimized which will give us the ability to perform tasks in a much more optimal as we did with the mode of the previous version.

And all this with a new feature that will increase up to twice the brightness of the screen without causing more battery. A success by Samsung, no doubt.

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