Samsung Galaxy Camera EK GC100 Manual

Samsung Galaxy Camera EK GC100 manual pdfThe Samsung camera EK GC100 is a new jewelry that Samsung launched to the loyal following of the Korean brand will not buy products from other companies. And that is why, if Samsung would not get in the manufacture of digital cameras?

However, as we shall see, this is not a picture any device. In fact, this camera has a number of qualities that distinguish it from other devices in this range can be found on the market today.

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The first thing we must highlight of this device is the fact that n has a HD 4.8 inch screen resolution on which we will be able to work in a very simple and convenient.

In fact, from this screen, we are able to control and manage all of the functionality that this marvel.

We must also say that this camera has a x21 zoom and be able to share all the pictures we draw on social networks.

A series of actions that are managed by the Android operating system, which is held securely as you can imagine. And, believe it or not, the merger between a smartphone and a camera, with each passing day, is much closer.

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