Samsung Galaxy A5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy A5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy A5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy A5. With a metal body as a whole, the Galaxy A5 brings innovative design in four pretty colors and a screen in high definition HD SAMOLED that will change the vision you have of a smartphone.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Samsung Galaxy A5.

If you are the biggest fan of selfies with this device also you will be the king. The A5 includes a voice recognition software so that a single word can capture the selfie with ease. And if you have a mouth full … do not worry, because with a simple hand gesture also fulfill your mission. It also has the Wide selfie function so you can include in it all your friends without having to “sacrifice” anyone to join three photos easily. The Portrait mode and Landscape mode ta offer 110 ° and 120 ° angle, respectively, so you take advantage of the full field of view.

Although almost belongs to the class of cheap smartphone, the Galaxy A5 has a 5-inch screen Super AMOLED that will make us enjoy the image quality anywhere and condition. in addition, the Adapt Display function balances color depending on the environment in order to have a clearer picture on the screen.

A mid-range smartphone but it does merit to level up with new features like the new sound interface that allows us to customize to our liking including multitus new tones to set and give our Galaxy A5 a personal and unique touch.

Rounding out the jewel a main 13MP camera, 16GB of ROM memory and 2GB of RAM. Do not miss prices Amazon and grab one as soon as possible.

Download Manual and User Guide of Galaxy A5:

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