Ricoh Pentax WG 5 GPS

Ricoh Pentax WG 5 GPS Manual And User Guide PDF

Ricoh Pentax WG 5 GPS. A camera that resists all terrain and offers great results.

And when I say everything, Panasonic mean everything. Falls from height to downpours that drench.

Your WG-5 will continue to operate normally. It is designed to get the best pictures and videos in underwater environment, night and moving targets scenes.

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Thanks to its maximum aperture of f2.0 you can capture everything with maximum detail and forgetting blur and catching the light so sublime with its objective that features a high-performance zoom allows you to record videos in HD quality even when the star sun no longer with us.

Its modern and robust design gives it the very strength of the WG range, like other models such as the Ricoh Pentax WG-4 or WG-10 WG-5 is prepared to withstand inclement weather and oversights of their owners.

For example, hold drops up to 2 meters high and tightness is guaranteed up to 14 meters deep for two hours. It will also be safe in the cold as 10 degrees below zero and supports a pressure of 100 kgf. It is also designed dustproof. All these features allow us to take the most demanding climates.

The camera has a CMOS sensor 16.0 effective and weighing only 236 grams including battery and SD card. For those who only think about aim and shoot and do not want to waste time between adjustments, the WG-5 has predefined shooting modes to achieve high image quality without being an expert settings.

Among these we can highlight the underwater mode that improves white balance for underwater video brighter and more natural colors. Landscape mode captures more widely and better green and blue for some trees and more natural, respectively skies.

And the Picture Mode Auto analyzes the scene and selects the optimal shooting mode for the perfect result.

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