Ricoh PENTAX K S2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Ricoh PENTAX K S2. Today we present the most compact reflex in the world. You’ll love it.

Discover why the KS2 can be your next reflex camera. It is not only the most compact SLR market but has a performance not to have to envy any other brand within the range it orbits.

Download the Manual and User Guide of   Ricoh PENTAX K S2

For starters, although not something the only thing we have to look at a camera as many believe, the KS2 has a CMOS sensor 20,12 MP effective to capture the smallest details offered by the world around us with an excellent imaging performance.

This made dustproof to time its mechanical parts are intact and is also protected nature so that time is not a problem when capturing memories. The camera has an LCD screen that can be tilted at different angles to get the best result.

This expands our shooting options so that we can live knowing that we will get from unusual angles.

In paragraph has the necessary connections WiFi connection to share images instantly or connect smartphone and other devices to capture images and videos remotely.

It also includes NFC connection that allows us to pair a smartphone only to slide it over the camera.

The camera body is composed of electronic dials located on the front and back which added to Hyper Pentax system can make instantly adjust exposure looking through the viewfinder.

The mode dial is composed of several shooting modes as normal, HDR, Shutter priority, etc … and also has two positions for the user to save your custom modes.

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