Philips S0001

Philips S0001 Manual And User Guide PDF
Philips S0001 Manual And User Guide PDF

Philips S0001. The Essence TV combines state-of-the-art high definition technology with an extremely slim and stylish design. The screen connects with a single cable to the hub of connectivity, to avoid a mess of cables around the screen.

Single cable connectivity hub to avoid cable clutter. Between the screen and the connectivity hub there is only one cable. All cables can be hidden and connected through the connectivity hub.

The cable also transmits power to the display, so no additional power input is required.

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Super-slim screen with minimalist design. The Essence screen is a super-thin screen that stands out for its minimalist design and its authentic materials.

The thinness of the screen causes the image to hang from the wall as if it were a frame, and the frame surrounding the image is so small that it fulfills its function perfectly: framing the image and nothing else.

HD ready 1080p for full HD display of the highest quality. Enjoy the exceptional picture quality of full high definition television signals coming from high definition sources such as HDTV or Blu-ray DVD broadcasts.

HD ready 1080p is a protected label that offers image quality far superior to the standard HD ready standard.

It complies with EICTA’s stringent standards for delivering a full HD display, with the advantages of resolution and image quality of a full HD 1920 x 1080p HDTV signal.

It has universal connection for uncompressed analog and digital YPbPr signals via DVI or HDMI and is compatible with HDCP.

It can display progressive signals from 1080p to 24, 50 and 60 Hz.

Shades of black with more nuances thanks to the dynamic contrast of 66000: 1. You want your flat-panel LCD to give you the highest contrast and the most vibrant images.

Philips’ advanced image processing system, along with its unique extreme attenuation technology and backlit reinforcement, give you the most vibrant images.

Dynamic contrast enhances contrast with excellent black levels and great precision in dark tones and colors.

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