Philips 6067

Philips 6067 Manual And User Guide PDF
Philips 6067 Manual And User Guide PDF

Philips 6067. Easy 3D Clarity 700 offers the most comfortable 3D visualization.

Passive 3D technology ensures long hours of comfort while viewing 3D without flickering and with fewer “ghost” images on your Philips TV.

3D glasses are elegant and light, and do not need batteries. You can even convert any 2D content to 3D that is vivid and perfect. Enjoy 3D easily at home today.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Philips 6067

Full HD TV with Pixel Precise HD to see details in action. Pixel Precise HD technology is based on the award-winning Pixel Plus and takes the image quality to the next level with 4 billion colors thanks to HD Natural Motion, making the movements of the movies more fluid and clear.

The extraordinary resolution offered by Pixel Precise HD technology gives you the best image quality whether you watch high quality Internet videos or Blu-ray movies.

Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) of 600 Hz creates extreme sharpness of motion for clear and vibrant images in the most action-packed movies.

The new Philips PMR standard shows the combined visible effect of the faster panel refresh rate, Perfect Natural Motion and a unique processing formula, which provides unprecedented sharpness of motion.

Exclusive full-screen game mode for two players for 2D games. With the Philips full-screen two-player goggles (PTA436 / 00) your TV can offer the ultimate full-screen two-player gaming experience.

In 2D games for two players, usually each player sees his game in the middle of the screen. With 3D technology, each player can enjoy the game in full screen at the same time.

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