Philips 5625

Philips 5625 Manual And User Guide PDF
Philips 5625 Manual And User Guide PDF

Philips 5625. Live the moment as if you were part of it with Pixel Plus HD and an impressive invisible sound.

Bright LED images with low power consumption. The most advanced LED lighting technology is included in this TV, which combines an attractive minimalist design with an amazing image quality, all with the lowest energy consumption in its category.

And best of all, LED lighting technology does not contain materials harmful to the environment.

Therefore, with LED backlighting you can enjoy low energy consumption, a high degree of brightness, incredible contrast and sharpness, and vibrant colors.

Philips has invented HD Natural Motion technology to reduce the jumps seen in film-based images.

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The winning algorithm of the prize calculates the movement of the image and corrects the trepidation, both in material emitted as recorded (such as DVD and Blu-ray Disc).

The result is a homogenous movement reproduction and an excellent sharpness that provides a high level visual experience.

The integrated DTT tuner allows you to receive digital terrestrial or cable television signals without the need for an additional tuner. Enjoy a quality television without cable mess.

USB for fantastic multimedia playback. The USB connector allows access to JPEG photos, MP3 music and video files of most USB devices (USB memory class device).

Connect the USB device to the slot on the side of the TV and access media content using the easy-to-use content browser. Now you can see and share your videos, photos and music.

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