Philips 5520

Philips 5520 Manual And User Guide PDF
Philips 5520 Manual And User Guide PDF

Philips 5520. This television will allow you to enjoy the advantages of digital television, an electronic 8-day programming guide and the quality of digital content.

You can also watch movies with excellent image quality thanks to Digital Crystal Clear and Active Control.

With HD ready you can enjoy the exceptional quality of high definition images and you will be ready to connect to high definition sources such as HDTV or Blu-ray Disc tuners.

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HD ready is a protected label that offers higher image quality than progressive scan. It meets the strict EICTA standards to offer a high definition screen that shows the advantages of resolution and image quality of high definition signals.

It has universal connection for analog and digital YPbPr signals without compression through DVI or HDMI, and is compatible with HDCP. It can display 720p, and 1080i signals at 50 and 60 Hz.

A DVI-I input connects the uncompressed broadband digital RGB signal from the source to the screen. By eliminating the conversion of the digital signal to analog, it offers an impeccable image, without interference, clean and without flickering.

The DVI input is compatible with HDCP copy protection that allows the display of copy protected programs of digital tuners, DVD players and high definition recorders.

The DVI-I input can be connected to all HDMI devices (for which a converter cable is needed), and it is also compatible with analog PC-VGA signals.

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