Philips 5008 manual

Philips 5008. Immerse yourself in the action (with or without Internet connection) with Philips Smart LED TV series 5008 with Ambilight.

Philips 5008 Manual And User Guide PDF
Philips 5008 Manual And User Guide PDF

Enjoy the vibrant quality offered by the Full HD LED format, the infinite possibilities of Smart TV and our most comfortable 3D experience to date

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The frameless design minimizes the bezel to offer a more refined look. Stylized, minimalist and discreet. With an attractive design of a perfect piece of high quality glass.

Bordered by an ultra-thin metal bezel. Desinged to perfectly fit into any decoration.

Skype to easily make voice calls and video calls on the TV. It brings a new dimension to your calls and shares experiences with the people you care about, wherever they are.

With Skype on the TV, you can make voice and video calls from the living room. Just connect the optional Philips TV camera (PTA317) to the TV and enjoy excellent picture and sound quality from the comfort of the sofa.

Ambilight on 2 sides intensifies your viewing experience. This patented Philips technology makes the screen look bigger and the visual experience more enveloping by projecting a soft ambient light from the sides of the TV screen onto the wall around it.

The color automatically adapts to the TV picture. Thanks to the function of adaptation to the wall, the color of the light aligns perfectly with that of the television image, regardless of the color of the wall.

You can customize the experience using different settings to adapt them to your viewing preferences.

Smart TV: a world of online entertainment. Explore the limits that extend beyond a traditional television. Rent or transmit movies, videos, games and much more directly on your TV from online videocubes.

Enjoy TV on demand on your favorite channels and a wide selection of online applications with Smart TV. Connect with family and friends with Skype or social networks. Or simply browse the Internet.

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