Philips 4121

Philips 4121. Discover this stylish and compact TV with an excellent LCD that will be the new jewel of your home.

Philips 4110 Manual And User Guide PDF
Philips 4110 Manual And User Guide PDF

You will have the feeling of having the very same home theater with the clarity of sound of Virtual Dolby Surround and the wonderful audio-visual experience when you join with Crystal Clear technology.

Download Manual and User Guide of Philips 4121

High-definition XGA LCD screen, 1024 x 768p. This XGA display, equipped with the latest advances in LCD technology, has a widescreen high-definition format with a resolution of 1024 x 768p pixels.

Provides flicker-free progressive scan images with optimum brightness and unsurpassed color. Its vibrant and sharp images will allow you to enjoy a superior visual experience.

Intelligent sound and image control to customize the display. Philips preset modes for intelligent sound and image control provide one-touch direct access to the remote control. You can select optimized sound and picture settings for the different picture and sound modes.

DVI-I provides the best picture and flexible connectivity. A DVI-I input connects the uncompressed broadband digital RGB signal from the source to the screen.

By eliminating the conversion of the digital to analog signal, it offers an impeccable image, without interference, clean and without flickering.

DVI input supports HDCP copy protection that allows viewing of copy-protected programs from digital tuners, DVD players and HD recorders. The DVI-I input can be connected to all HDMI devices (for which a converter cable is required), and is also compatible with PC-VGA analog signals.

Virtual Dolby Surround for a cinematic audio experience. Irtual Dolby Surround is a processing technology to improve surround sound effects.

It produces the feel of Dolby Pro Logic without the need to use rear speakers. You will immerse yourself totally in the television experience.

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