Philips 4027

Philips 4027. Rent movies directly on your TV via online video stores, choose on-demand television from your favorite channels and enjoy a wide selection of online applications with Net TV. You can also surf the Internet.

Philips 4027 Manual And User Guide PDF
Philips 4027 Manual And User Guide PDF

Full HD TV with Pixel Plus HD for more detail and clarity. Pixel Plus HD provides a unique combination of sharpness, natural details and vivid colors, as well as smooth, natural movement.

Defects in image and noise from all sources, whether multimedia or standard TVs, even with highly compressed HD, are detected and reduced to ensure a clear and sharp image.

Download Manual and User Guide of Philips 4027

3 USB slots for fantastic multimedia playback. The three USB slots provide access to JPEG photos, MP3 music and video files on most USB devices (USB memory devices).

Connect the USB device to one of the slots on the TV and access the multimedia content using the simple on-screen content browser. Now you can watch and share your videos, photos and music.

Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) of 200 Hz for outstanding motion sharpness. Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) of 200 Hz creates extreme motion sharpness for clear, vibrant images in the fastest action movies.

The new Philips PMR standard shows the combined visible effect of the fastest panel refresh rate, HD Natural Motion, and a unique processing formula that provides unprecedented motion sharpness.

Search, schedule, recording and TV pause. Record live digital TV by connecting a USB device to the Philips TV or pause the content when you want to take a break and continue to watch it whenever you want.

Use the electronic program guide to find your favorite programs and easily program your favorite recordings. Now you can program the TV to suit your life.

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