Philips 3258 Manual

Philips 3258. Conéctate fácilmente a un mundo de contenidos en línea con el televisor Smart LED serie 3258 de Philips preparado para Wi-Fi. Disfruta de imágenes extremadamente claras y vívidas desde cualquier fuente gracias a Digital Crystal Clear. Siéntete conectado al entretenimiento.

Philips 3258 Manual And User Guide PDF
Philips 3258 Manual And User Guide PDF

Two HDMI and EasyLink inputs for integrated connectivity. Avoid cable clutter thanks to a single cable that carries video and audio signals from the devices to the TV.

HDMI uses uncompressed signals, ensuring the highest quality from the source to the screen. If we add that to Philips EasyLink, you will only need a remote control to perform most operations on your TV, DVD, Blu-ray player, tuner or home theater system.

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DivX HD Certified lets you play DivX videos at home. Enjoy DivX encoded videos in the comfort of your living room. The DivX media format is an MPEG4-based video compression technology that lets you save large files, such as movies, trailers and music videos to USB storage devices.

Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) of 100 Hz for clear motion sharpness. In order for image movement to be precise, fluid and natural, Philips has created PMR, our standard for measuring image sharpness in motion.

Perfect Motion Rate is the combined result of our unique video processing, number of frames per second and refresh rate for each frame, perfection in attenuation capabilities and backlight technology.

A larger number of PMRs contribute to a higher contrast and greater clarity in the movements, which is a superior image for you.

Two USB slots for broad multimedia access. With the two USB slots you can keep a hard disk drive connected to have USB and Pause TV recording, so you can control your personal programming at all times.

The convenient additional USB port lets you connect a Skype camera or access photos in JPEG, MP3 music or video files from USB storage devices without interfering with recording.

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