Drupal | Manual for installation and free PDF

Drupal | Manual for installation and free PDFDrupal. It is, today, a CMS used fairly among those who have decided to create your own blog or website so it is necessary to know their performance.

Detailed features of Drupal CMS.

We guide you from the moment of installation taking you step by step through all important points. Something to achieve with this book undoubtedly given its simplicity and ease of understanding.

It’s a free program, GNU / GPL, written in PHP, developed and maintained by an active user community. Noted for the quality of their code and the generated pages, respect for web standards, and an emphasis on usability and consistency of the whole system.

There are three types of modules, called the “3 Cs”:

  • Core (core) modules are provided to be installed, some of which were contributed by the community that joined.
  • Contributed (contributions) are the modules that are shared to the community, are under GNU Public License (GPL).
  • Custom (custom) modules are created by the site developer.

The design is that CPM is especially suitable for building and managing communities online. However, its flexibility and adaptability, as well as many additional modules available, makes it suitable for many different types of website.

This CMS is multipurpose and can be used for applications such as: Community Portals, Forums, corporate web sites, Intranet applications, Personal web sites or blogs, e-commerce applications, resource directory, social networking sites.

The potential of this CMF is little appreciated by web developers. If you have a project in mind: Do not hesitate to take a look!

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