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Panasonic TZ20 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic TZ20. The TZ series of the Panasonic compact continues to grow and has more and more followers. Today we upload the manual of a camera that reaped many successes in its launch and today is discontinued.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Panasonic TZ20

Although it already has many years behind its back, the TZ20 can still give us good times, sometimes we need our camera to go unnoticed but still offer a quality service. This camera was the successor of the Lumix TZ10 and had improvements such as its powerful optical zoom of 16 increases, the GPS geolocation incorporated and a super fast shooting rate.

It has a Leica DV lens that extends the wide end and offers a focal range of 24-384 millimeters so that nothing escapes our target. The CMOS sensor of 14.1 MP resolution is capable of capturing videos in Full HD at 1080i. This was a very important change between the models since the TZ10 had a CCD sensor.

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The other great improvement of this camera, we find it in the back: its touch screen. With a size of 3 “and 460,000 points allows us to access any menu faster than using physical buttons, we can zoom by pinching the screen and even controlling the opening of the shutter.

Instead of the CCD sensor used in the TZ10, the TZ20 has a CMOS sensor with 15.1 million pixels, of which up to 14.1 million are used for each image. This marks an increase of two million effective pixels, packed in the same 1 / 2.3-inch sensor.

The TZ20 was the first Panasonic camera to include 3D shooting. This mode allows us to obtain images in three dimensions by sweeping from left to right while we press the shutter.

If you do with a second-hand or you have it at home, do not throw it away without first taking a look at the user guide.

This manual of the Panasonic TZ20 allows you to become an expert of this compact camera. If you are looking for a more advanced Lumix TZ camera try with: Panasonic Lumix TZ100 or the Panasonic Lumix TZ80.

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