Panasonic P71 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic P71 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic P71 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic P71. Low-end smartphone with HD resolution and rather low performance if we take into account the average of the range. Currently, it is better to aim for the high and finish on average.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Panasonic P71

Not that the P71 is a smarpthone that is not worthwhile but we saw the P66 and taking into account the price of both devices, it will not be very useful to get the first. There is only one reason why I would choose it: its design. Without becoming a series if it has more elegant details and curves than its predecessor.

It offers us a 5 “high definition screen to see multimedia content with decent quality and surf the Internet without becoming uncomfortable.We will not get the multimedia experience of our life but it is possible that for that we have a 10-inch tablet. Problem solved.

The battery puts at our disposal a capacity of 2,000 mAh so we will have enough energy to withstand most of the days. On weekends or if we are very gamers, we will have to make some connection to the electricity network throughout the day.

The performance is practically identical to the mentioned P66 and the difference is found in that we have two versions according to the RAM we want. We can choose between 1 or 2 GB and it is accompanied by a quad-core processor at 1.25 GHz. Internal storage does not have much left over with 16 GB and has microSD expansion only up to 32 GB.

Luckily, if you decide for him, you will enjoy the version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is not Nougat or Oreo but you have to take into account the time and its range to realize that they will not be updated.

Download Manual And User Guide Of P71:(not avalaible)
Panasonic Official Channel on YouTube

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