Panasonic TZ80 manual

Panasonic Lumix TZ80 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic TZ80 manual. Pocket camera that offers 4K videos for your travel to life again and again.

If you are looking for the ideal companion for your adventures in nature and can be transported comfortably, then you should keep an eye on the Lumix TZ80.

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Download Panasonic TZ80 manual and user guide

A pocket camera with good features and it will record all your memories with the best quality.

The TZ80 has a powerful 30x zoom to capture the smallest details of our goals. Of course, we speak of an optical zoom which ensures we maintain quality as much as we expand the image.

The most important feature of the TZ80 highlight is the ability to get pictures and clips in high resolution. And when I say high resolution I do not mean to 720p or 1080p but speaks 4K quality for both video and images.

Panasonic TZ80 camera with video 4K

The more realistic colors will become part of your travels. The DMC camera has a mode called “4K Photo” that allows us to film at the 3rd fps video and then select the photo you want among all taken. The perfect picture at your fingertips.

The sensor of this Panasonic camera has a resolution of 18.1 MP and processing motoro shares with LUMIX high-end camera. We offers a processing speed and better shots in low light conditions.

It also includes RAW recording to provide all data capture and editing professionally. Although the downside of this format, as you know, is the large size of each file, even using compression.

The owner’s guide includes everything from the basic use of the digital camera to the most advanced functions.

A digital camera that will not disappoint any user searching for speed, quality and comfort in large quantities.

Perhaps you are missing something connectivity, as the times require almost one all day connected to the network sharing whatever we do.

This DMC has enough features so you do not miss a bigger range camera.

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