Panasonic Eluga L2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic Eluga L2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic Eluga L2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic Eluga L2. A half more range that came to the market without pain or glory. More beautiful on the outside than on the inside and with great options to fall into oblivion.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Panasonic Eluga L2

The main problem of the Pananosic smartphone is very clear: the availability in Europe is quite limited so we do not have much data about user experiences. In OnLine stores we can find some models like the Eluga Prim but the vast majority of devices are focused on improving the fixed telephony of our homes, which is quite abandoned for more than obvious reasons.

In any case, the Eluga L2 comes to improve some features compared to other models like the Eluga I but it is still a low-end smartphone skimming the automatic discard. The positive points offered by this smartphone are: its large 5.5 “screen with IPS panel and a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels.It is not great, but the images have a good definition and will not make excessive use of The last one is another positive point, to be more exact, we are talking about the capacity of the battery, its 2,500 mAh will allow us to be online longer than we need.

On the dark side is the performance. The quad-core processor at 1 GHz with only 1 GB of RAM will cause us to despair more than necessary. The processes in the background will slow down Android (Lollipop 5.1) and when we spend a while filling the 8 GB of internal storage, the stoppages will be excessive. It has microSD up to 32 GB but we already know that this is a temporary solution, like a shelter with leaks … sooner or later we get wet.

The camera stays between both parties: neither good nor bad. Being fair, the main camera has a resolution of 8 MP and video capture in 1080p. For many users it is more than enough but everything changes when we discover the 2 MP resolution of the front camera. One of cal …

A smartphone that had its best moment in 2015 and that today will not conquer the heart of many users.

Download Manual and User Guide of Eluga L2:

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