Panasonic Eluga I3 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic Eluga I3 Manual And User Guide PDF
Panasonic Eluga I3 Manual And User Guide PDF

Panasonic Eluga I3. Big screen, nice design and a powerful interior so that nothing will resist you. The third of the Eluga I has won the position without a doubt.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Panasonic Eluga I3

Almost a year ago it was hit the market and still gives us good feelings. If we compare it with the Eluga I2 we can see that Panasonic has greatly improved this device. The screen remains HD but now boasts a size of 5.5 “. It maintains the resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and the size remains practically the same.

There are also major changes inside. In fact, they are the most important and will not give a far superior performance in any task. To begin with, the installed RAM is doubled to enjoy 2GB. The internal storage has also undergone the same change and we will have 16 GB. The microSD slot allows us to expand another 32 GB. This feature has remained the same but is more than sufficient.

The cameras also rise level. In the case of the main camera we raise up to 13 MP resolution and video recording in Full HD 1080p. We get more defined photos and we have LED flash and autofocus. The front camera happens to have 5 MP that allows us to record video in HD and obtain selfies of higher quality.

And like all other specifications, the battery is increased by 35% so we can enjoy our Panasonic smartphone for longer. Little more can be added. The operating system stays on Android Lollipop. The processor is still quad-core but somewhat faster. And, like almost all Panasonic devices, it has Dual Sim to easily combine work and leisure.

Download Manual and User Guide of Eluga I3:

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