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Oppo R9 plus. You have to see what manufacturers like to launch quality smartphone to market and shortly after improved versions.

The users who buy the first ones are left with a poker face when they see the seconds coming out.

And it is usually the case when the price that differentiates the original smartphone does not differ much from its improved version.

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Luckily, most manufacturers usually announce smartphones simultaneously to avoid this and be able to decide which model you are going to buy.

Even so, the offer in telephony is so wide that you will always think: “I should have bought this one”.

In principle, the R9 Plus gives us to understand that it is an improved version of the Oppo R9 but it is not like that. The biggest difference between both devices is the size of the same as a result of having a 6 “screen instead of 5.5”.

This makes it pass to the category of “junk” and, although it retains the Full HD resolution, it loses some density of pixels per inch (367). We are left with the original.

The other evolution of the R9: the portentous R9s

The processor is still an octa-core but reduces its speed to 1.8 GHz, something we will not really notice. Especially since the model of the R9 Plus is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 that has given and continues to give very good results.

The memories are kept exactly the same as in R9: 4 GB for RAM, 64 GB internal storage and microSD extension up to 128 GB.

An outstanding feature that allows us to enjoy a smooth operating system and store data with great comfort.

Discover what you can do with ColorOS by Oppo

The last improvement to take into account if you decide on the 6 “terminal, is your camera with 16 MP resolution at the back.The original had a front camera of 16 MP and the back of 13 MP. of very good quality but those 3 MP are noticed when capturing more details and more smoothness.

The battery of 4,120 mAh is appreciated since its large screen will drink the energy if we abuse it.

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