Oppo R7 Lite Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo R7 Lite Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo R7 Lite Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo R7 Lite. All manufacturers like to launch the same device on the market with small variations that cheapen or enhance it. In this case, we are ahead of the mini version of the Oppo R7 midrange.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Oppo R7 Lite

The Oppo brand belongs to those brands of quality devices with adjusted prices that does not stop among Western users. When he launched his Oppo R7 he did not achieve the expected success, perhaps because he raised the price of the desired thing a little more. It should also be noted that its benefits were also greater than those of its competitors.

This may be the reason that made them decide that maybe they should create a “reduced” version of the R7 and at the same time another that is even more powerful. The latter came to the market as the R7s and reached figures that almost made it pass range. And the protagonist of this entry is the version that makes its price more attractive without losing enough quality to not think of him as a future candidate.

To start convincing users, bombarded by a thousand devices, the Oppo guys keep the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor with eight cores. It loses a third of the RAM with which it had in original leaving 2 GB that is not bad either. The same internal memory of the R7, 16 GB, and microSD extension up to 128 GB. Up to here perfect.

On the screen we noticed another small difference. The same size, 5 “, but loses pixel density (294 ppi) and the resolution goes from being Full HD (1920 x 1080) to HD (1280 x 720) .This will not make a difference to take into account in most daily actions.

And this means changes to the R7 Lite version. The rest of the device remains exactly the same and allows us to use double Sim card with 4G connectivity and 2,320 mAh battery with fast charge. Personally, we prefer a higher energy capacity.

The unibody design in metal and 2.5D curved glass give it a very elegant touch and its cameras offer high definition images with 13 MP for the main camera and 8 MP for the front.

There is another difference that we forgot: the OS is still Android but the Lite has the next version, the Lollipop 5.1. And there is another similarity to highlight: the user manual is not available either! What are you waiting for in Oppo?

Download Manual and User Guide of R7 Lite: (coming soon)

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