Oppo R1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo R1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo R1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo R1. A weight and a thickness worthy of any high range with a photographic capacity that does not agree with its specifications.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Oppo R1

Anyone who loves mobile life will find in this device a great ally. If you have the opportunity to try a R1, do not hesitate unless you do not want to buy a new one (which is what can happen). The design of the Oppo has always been quite careful and the R1 confirms that they are not only pretty but also very capable.

For a change we will highlight the worst point of the R1: it does not have microSD expansion. This limits our space in a worrying way although it has a memory of 16 GB. After deducting the Android 4.2 System, we will have something more than 10 GB for our use and enjoyment.

The processor is a MediaTeK 6582 that we saw on smartphone as LG Magna that gives a good performance. The company is the one that falls short with only 1 GB of RAM. This will involve some jerk when we want to play demanding games or have too many applications open simultaneously.

The rear camera makes the note rise because it has a Sony 8MP sensor that gives us quite professional results even in the dark. Its F / 2.0 aperture and blue light filter will make our authentic capture works of art.

We have already seen other devices of this brand like Oppo Neo 7 or Oppo Joy 3. Both have features common to R1 but still do not exceed. The R1 picks up the best of Oppo and offers a more complete smartphone for us to enjoy even more.

Download Manual and User Guide of R1: (coming soon)


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