Oppo N1 mini Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo N1 mini Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo N1 mini Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo N1 mini. The only rotary camera in the world on a smartphone is also included in the mini version.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Oppo N1 mini

The mini version of the N1 has come out better than many other devices that practically do a smartphone of smaller range with the same name and different last name. The N1 mini retains the key feature that made the N1 a great smartphone: its rotating camera.

The rest of the device is maintained with good numbers but as it touches on all versions “mini”, “Lite”, “compact”, etc … the benefits have been reduced in several points.

The first to highlight is the battery. Autonomy is compromised when lowering from 3,610 mAh to 2,140 mAh. It will not mean having to live tied to a loader but we will notice it in the longest days or when we abuse games.

The internal memory stays in 16 GB without option to duplicate this figure as it happened in the original device. Luckily the RAM is kept in 2 GB, a minimum number so you can enjoy fluency in ColorOS (Android 4.3).

The camera is still rotating but also maintains the 13 MP. Support for Full HD 1080p recording and LED flas so everything is perfect.

The processor changes but gives us a similar performance while the screen is reduced to 5. “This supposes, in our view, a point very in favor of this” mini “since the original version had 5.9” And he did something short while traveling.

Finally, note that it has NFC connectivity, USB OTG port to connect peripherals and that is compatible with 4G networks to navigate at full speed. If you are looking for a smartphone capable and with a high quality / price, this Oppo smartphone could be your best ally.

Download Manual and User Guide of N1 mini: (coming soon)

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