Oppo Joy Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo Joy Manual And User Guide PDF
Oppo Joy Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo Joy. The first device of the Joy series was well received in the mid-range. It offered us a balanced performance, a camera to get out of step and enough battery for the whole day.

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It was not too long, as usually happens with all mid-range, in which its specifications were somewhat delayed. The device remained mid-range but every month the market received new devices that exceed in one or more points to this Joy.

It is currently in the mid-low range. This means that many users may find enough features that others see insignificant. For example, the 3.15 MP camera with 720p recording will not pose a problem for the user who has a digital camera. Still it is a very limited camera that does not finish convincing. And even less, the front with VGA quality.

The processor is not anything out of the world but we have a Dual Core MediaTeK that will run smoothly to Android Jelly Bean. The problem will come when running multiple applications at the same time. The 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of storage are a serious problem. The OS is made with much of the system and although the smartphone has microSD slot up to 32 GB, collapse will be unavoidable.

If you do not plan to surf or use it as a “mini” cinema on your travels, its resolution of 480 x 800 pixels will not be a problem.

The 1,700 mAh battery will hold us all day but avoiding abuse of it. An added point is its Dual Sim capability to be able to use two numbers simultaneously.

Download Manual and User Guide of Joy:

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