Oppo F5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo F5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo F5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo F5. A few months before the end of the year, the F5 arrived on the market to surprise everyone. Its immense 6 “screen, the smart camera and a 3D-proof interior make it reach a good position in the high range.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Oppo F5

A range that every day has more and more devices to choose from and in which Chinese companies have set their sights. Others like Ulephone or Huawei already have high quality Android smartphones that occupy the top positions of these “league”. The Huawei P10 continues in the top positions for its specifications and adjusted price. And on the part of Ulefone, we already saw what the Ulefone Mix 2 was able to offer. Quality and variety are not lacking.

In the case of F5 we have two versions: the original and another called Youth. The most powerful is the F5 to dry and we could say that the Youth version is like a mini or a Lite. The differences to highlight enters both are in: the cameras; those of the Youth are of 13 and 16 MP for main and frontal, respectively. While the standard F5 has 16 and 20 MP. And we have not confused, the highest resolution is the front so be prepared for self-infarction. The other basic difference is RAM and storage. Two options for each version: the F5 with 6 GB of RAM / 64 GB of internal or 32 GB of RAM / 4 GB of internal. The Youth is considerably reduced but still quite good (3GB / 32GB and 4GB / 32GB).

In common has the 6 “screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels, 4G compatibility, Android Nougat 7.1 and a battery of 32.00 mAh.These numbers are to convince any user with their feet on the ground and it is a pity that we can enjoy a user manual, we hope that Oppo will do something about it, and soon!

UPGRADE! We forgot to mention that both have the eight-core Mediatek MT6763T Helio P23 processor.

Download Manual And User Guide Of F5 , Pro and Youth:
Oppo Official Channel on YouTube

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