Manual Oppo A3 | A3s user Guide PDF

Oppo A3 | A3s Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo A3 | A3s Manual And User Guide PDF

Oppo A3 | A3s. Enjoy a great value for money with the Oppo A3 and its A3s version. Although the name seems to be a superior version, on the contrary, we are in front of the original and its mini version.

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We are facing two high-end smartphones with a modern and light design that feature most of the features that the user of Android smartphones is looking for.

Dual camera, a battery that supports what you throw, blunt performance with an eight-core processor and a high-definition screen to enjoy Netflix and HBO with the best quality.

The latter has a size of 6.2 “for the two models, but with lower resolution for the A3s version (720 x 1520 pixels). Where else the image quality loses is in the density of pixels per inch in which the A3 wins with a resolution of 407 by 271 of the A3s.

Inside both are equipped with octa-core processors but in the original model the speed is 2 GHz and 1.8 GHz in the A3s. This difference is not as noticeable as the difference in RAM. The A3 has 4 GB and the A3s only 2 GB. We will notice it with 3D games and heavy applications.

The cameras are also different. The A3 has higher resolution (16 MP) but the A3s has dual camera (13 MP + 2 MP) which is more impressive results. The battery of the A3s is also higher with 4,230 mAh which, added to its lower resolution screen, will give us more hours of life to enjoy our smartphone.

As a conclusion, both devices run under Android Oreo 8.1 and are a good option for users looking for a quality medium to enjoy multimedia content at a reasonable price.

Download Manual And User Guide Of A3 | A3s

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