OpenOffice Draw manual

Open Office Draw. It is a powerful graphic design tool full of features. Its open source, in addition, makes it in continuous evolution.

OpenOffice Draw Manual And User Guide PDF
OpenOffice Draw Manual And User Guide PDF

This powerful and free tool for the office allows us to work with vector graphics and diagrams as if we were using the same CorelDraw.

The program also has added like Open Clip Art Library that does not allow to import logos, images, icons, banners and multitude of predesigned graphic elements.

With the new graphics in SVG format propagating everywhere, this ability to import and export graphics in this format has been added to this program.

Download Manual and User Guide of OpenOffice Draw

This feature is vitally important as SVG graphics have come to stay and are being used everywhere. It still has some limitation but it sure will soon find a solution.

The program includes powerful tools so that we can design objects in 3D. Which we can illuminate to emphasize the depth and its forms.

It includes powerful tools that allow you to create objects in 3D 3D, such as cubes, spheres, cylinders, which can then be illuminated to highlight them by enhancing their shapes.

It is also capable of supporting layers, just like programs like Adobe Photoshop. This allows us to organize charts with lots of information and make them independent or organize them to be more efficient.

We can also use guides and grids that will not be printed on the design. This does not allow to perform precise work, to align objects of simple form or that they move following the lines that we have defined previously.

That is why we are convinced that with this handy manual of Open Office Draw you will be able to advance much in the world of graphic design. Something that is the order of the day and you can not waste. Expand your knowledge right now with this manual.

Download “OpenOffice Draw (Getting Started)” Downloaded 3499 times – 6 MB

Download “OpenOffice Draw (Basic Shapes)” Downloaded 3268 times – 353 KB

Download “OpenOffice Draw (Advanced Draw Techniques)” Downloaded 3494 times – 726 KB

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