Onix S405 Manual And User Guide PDF

Onix S405 Manual And User Guide PDF

Onix S405 Manual And User Guide PDF

Onix S405. A mid range smartphone with a very nice and compact design that? Has reached the market so that the user forgot the date of purchase. Nice and sturdy. No more. No less.

Download the Manual and User Guide of  Onix S405

Recently we have discovered the Onix brand and we have been pleasantly surprised to see that has several devices in different ranges. The first thing we reel off slightly, the S405 is a media range with a nice modern design that has a lot to love.

This smartphone is made to last a long time. The design is compact, very aesthetic and from the first moment we realize that it is very easy to use and very intuitive.

The first feature to highlight is that it has a second SIM slot which allows us to use two numbers on the same device. Even if we spend some time abroad will not need us with a new terminal since being free and Dual Sim can we use with it.

Under the careful design we find a MTK 6735M quad-core processor 1.0 GHz. Maximum power to run applications, games and surf the net comfortably and very fast. RAM reaches 1 GB and 8 GB ROM. The system will run Android 5.1 Lollipop great but between installation and the multitude of preinstalled applications … soon we ran out of space. To solve partly this problem, the S405 has a microSD slot to expand up to 32 GB more.

Its 4 “display makes it quite convenient to carry even if it is true that we miss at least half inches. The main camera is 8 MP for good catches and lower secondary to 2 MP for famous selfies will more than enough.

The weakest aspects of the smartphone are its battery of 1600 mAh and a thickness of more than one centimeter. Onix unfortunately still has not decided to publish the manual but is included in physical format with the purchase of the device. We will continue waiting for their online publication that everyone has access 24 hours a day.

Download Manual and User Guide of  S405:

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