OnePlus 5 5T Manual

OnePlus 5 5T Manual And User Guide PDF

OnePlus 5 5T. One of the winners of last year that left more than one “flagship” of those of the whole life on the floor. Nothing is missing, the size is ideal and the company increases more and more.

Maybe the price is your only handicap to consider.

Download Manual And User Guide Of OnePlus 5 and 5T

The premium range usually scares our wallets quite a bit and the truth is that we are not supporters of devices that approach the four figures.

Life is expensive enough to spend that fortune on a device that basically we will use to watch series, call and invest our time in social networks. Of course, everyone has their preferences.

The fact is that the OnePlus 5 dramatically moves away from that figure and makes it more accessible for users with a tight budget and who fear that programmed obsolescence makes them scratch their pockets in just over two years.

And most importantly, it has nothing to envy either Apple’s smartphone or Samsung’s flagship.

The first thing we highlight is its Dual rear camera that has the highest resolution of the market on a smartphone. With 2x optical zoom, fast autofocus thanks to cutting-edge technology and intelligent software.

The onePlus device has a very complete application menu

The performance of the octa-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 dares everything.

And if we choose the superior version with 8 GB of RAM everything will fly under our fingers. The answer is instantaneous and the games run without the slightest delay.

The design is at the height of the 3T with elegant curves and with a reduced thickness to 7.25 millimeters. Your Full HD screen is full color and sharpness so be prepared to enjoy any image you play.

We do not roll up yet it still has many things that you must discover for yourselves: USB type C connection, quick charge, 4K clips, etc…

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