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OnePlus 3T Manual And User Guide PDF

OnePlus 3T. Although I’ve been in the market for a while and its nomenclature may seem like it refers to a mid-range … nothing is further from reality. The 3T is a high-end smartphone with a powerful interior and a museum exterior.

If you have already taken a look at the most gifted smartphone of the Chinese brand and you are going a little budget, the 3T could be what you are looking for.

Download Manual And User Guide Of OnePlus 3T

We will not get the same functions and news from OnePlus 6 but we must take into account two things: We saved some tickets and we can live a great mobile experience without a fingerprint reader or gazillion MP.

Since I have taken the megapixels to scene, to emphasize to the lovers of the photography and the video of quality, that the 3T offers us images of maximum quality thanks to its two cameras of 16 MP. Both the front and the back offer high definition, professional results and endless possibilities and effects so that each shot is a work of art.

The interior delights us with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which is added the not inconsiderable amount of 6 GB of RAM. There is not a single game or application that makes you hesitate.

With such a torrent you will think that the battery will be one of its failures but not much less. The terminal only needed 30 minutes to charge the smartphone and to endure all day.

The exterior does not have a single stick with a 5.5 inches screen and rounded edges, carved in high quality aluminum and with a thickness of only 7.3 mm, it is perfect for traveling, playing, talking, etc … It adapts perfectly to any hand.

And although I commented at the beginning of the entry that you can live without a fingerprint reader, this does not mean that the 3T does not have it. It is designed in high quality ceramic and is intelligent offering us better results as time passes.

We ended up adding a functionality that we believe practically indispensable: it is capable of recording videos in 4K quality. A joy.

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