Olympus Tough TG 1

Olympus Tough TG 1. One can say without fear of being mistaken that the Olympus TG-1 is one of the compact cameras that are more like both the experts and those who are not so much in the world of digital photography.

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And that is so not only by its pursuits, that also, but by its elegant and attractive design as well as by all the functionalities that incorporates. All this without forgetting since for many it is the most important thing, of a really competitive and adjusted price.

Going a little more in detail you can say that it is a family chamber. A camera for all that saw the light of the market in the month of May of the year 2012 and that has a very practical ergonomic design to be able to hold it with total guarantee that it is not going to fall.

And all with a resolution of 12 megapixels that will serve to solve more of an embarrassing situation without the need to spend a lot of money on more sophisticated cameras.

To say that the 4x zoom that accompanies it also helps a lot to make our work much easier. However, what you like most is the ability to handle each and every one of its functions in a very intuitive way from the screen that incorporates.

So, everyone, whether you have experience or not, you will be able to get a really brilliant shots. A trademark that also incorporates the Olympus T-100.

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