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Olympus T 100. If there is any word with which we can define the to this camera is manageable. And is that its small size and lightness makes it ideal to take it anywhere we like.

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Although it also happens with other Olympus cameras such as the Olympus T-10, we can say that we can make any shot anywhere on the planet. Space is not an impediment to this.

Although, as we shall now see, this is by no means its chief virtue.

The first thing that catches the eye of this compact camera is its resolution. And is that more than one may wonder that the snapshots that this T-100 can take up to 12 megapixel resolution.

A really good resolution that will allow us to capture with total clarity many of the moments of our lives.

But not only good resolution lives this camera because its optical zoom up to 3 magnification, make it a good tool to see beyond what our eyes can do.

In other words, this Olympus, besides being a cheap digital camera, is ideal especially for those people who do not spend much time in this world and want to start with a tool rather than solvent.

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