Olympus E-M10 User Manual in PDF

Olympus E-M10 User Manual in PDF

Olympus E-M10. The new E-M10 is a lightweight ultra-compact camera with an irresistible design, that offers sensational performance at a competitive price: Micro Four Thirds camera with advanced technologies such as electronic viewfinder large, stabilizing image 3-axis high-speed autofocus.

Detailed features of Olympus E-M10.

It also incorporates integrated Wi-Fi flash. With these credentials, it is not surprising that exceeds SLR cameras, both for its compact size and its image quality.

A goal for every occasion. With the range of objectives OM-D, have all the weapons to realize your creative options. Thanks to an incredibly full range of objectives, you will find what you need for every occasion, from a standard zoom lens with ultra objectives to single focal length high performance, always with a common denominator: raise your photography to new heights.

Design and latest technology. With the E-M10, photographing never been easier: with a firm commitment to quality and ergonomics, use the E-M10 becomes a pleasure. Intuitive controls, the very rapid electronic viewfinder (EVF) HD and ultrafast FAST AF of 81 points offer you total control of your photography. In addition, the IS VCM integrated 3-axis camera captures amazingly sharp images without shaking with all the guarantees: a world of benefits that will surprise you.

The E-M10 incorporates Wi-Fi, to control the camera directly from your smartphone. Now you can control your picture from your smartphone: adjust aperture, shutter speed and other settings, switch between shooting modes and even view and make shots Bulb Live directly from the mobile screen to eliminate tremors. With the new ultra M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 1: 3.5-5.6 EZ 14-42 mm, you can even open and close the zoom from the smartphone.

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