Olympus E-1

Olympus E-1. The E-System is the only DSLR system empowered with the innovative technology to eliminate dust from the camera sensor, ensuring that the dust-free pictures you see are the dust-free pictures you receive.

Detailed features of Olympus E-1

The Zuiko Digital Specific LensesTM let you master light more effectively by using lenses specifically built for digital photography, designed to channel light more accurately to the image sensor for excellent image results from edge-to-edge.

White Balance system provides three intuitive White Balance settings to choose from: Auto, Preset and One-Touch Manual.

Nine Sharpness Levels allow photographers the flexibility to choose and fine-tune the image to the level of sharpness that matches their requirements for particular situations or assignments.

Full-Frame Transfer CCD has a high sensitivity – due to a larger pixel capture area – and a high Signal/Noise ratio – along with the ability to capture more electrons for a higher dynamic range from black to white.

Unique parallel processing system built around a new 3 ASIC digital engine; to ensure you reach the speed and level of reliability in a camera that digital photography demands. Three-point auto focus system designed to work specifically with the Four Thirds System to produce quick and accurate focus regardless of the situation.

The Olympus E-1 has a PictBridge compatible so you can directly connect to any PictBridge-enabled printer (such as the Olympus P-10) and print on the spot…no computer necessary.

Fast TTL Autofocus system. Simultaneous RAW and JPEG Image Data Recording. Contrast, Sharpness and Tone Curve Controls. A Choice of sRGB or Adobe RGB Color Space Settings. Auto and Custom White Balance. Noise Reduction. Histogram Information Display.

Magnesium alloy metal for increased durability. High Eye-point optical viewfinder provides a 100% accurate frame view (horizontal and vertical) for precision framing and image capture. Compact Flash Card (Type I, II), Micro Drive (16bit/32bit Format compatible).

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