Nokia Lumia 720 Manual

Nokia Lumia 720 | Manual and user guide in PDF EnglishGet yourself a Nokia Lumia 720 smartphone boasts a longer. Design one-piece, very light and thin, and with a wide range of colorful covers wireless charging. Cause a sensation with the new Lumia 720 and Windows Phone 8.

Wide-angle lens in the front and rear cameras, extra long life battery and a touch screen that works even with gloves.

Detailed features of the Nokia Lumia 720

With its slim one-piece design , its fun colors , bright and customizable display , the Lumia 720 will guarantee that everyone will head to look at you. It is not only a mobile design . It has a longer battery life and a touch screen that works even with gloves. You can also charge for wireless charging thanks to its colorful outer shells , so forget cable plug .

The Lumia 720 has a front camera with HD quality , with which it will be easier to talk on Skype. And also has a wide-angle lens , none of your friends will be out of the picture . With digital lenses exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphones , as Glam Me, you can add your pictures the star treatment that whitens your teeth and tans your skin in order to have a perfect picture every time.

The main camera Sony smartphone features a wide-angle lens and lens technology optimizes even in low light , ensuring you always the perfect shot wherever you are . And with our exclusive digital lenses for Nokia Lumia , always get professional results. For example , Intelligent Shot lets you combine several photos to create the image you want. And besides, the Delete function lets you delete the items you do not want to appear in the photograph.

Sleek, light and bright. Stand out from the crowd. With slim unibody design, bright colours and vibrant screen, the Lumia 720 is sure to turn heads. It also has extra long battery life and a touch screen that works with gloves or long fingernails. And you can charge it wirelessly by clipping on a Wireless Charging Cover.Download: Direct

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