Nokia Lumia 510 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nokia Lumia 510 Manual And User Guide PDF
Nokia Lumia 510 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nokia Lumia 510. You’ll have everything you need in one place without the need to spend pages and pages looking for your favorite multimedia applications.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Nokia Lumia 510.

As usual with Nokia Lumia models the 510 comes in five vibrant colors that offer a soft touch and matte finish that goes beyond what is established by other manufacturers. The screen goes inside the limits but with a small reduction to make its use more comfortable. The 4 “of your screen will surprise you pleasantly.

If you have a busy life or work and you need quality cloud service: you’re in luck! When you purchase this device you will get 15 GB of storage in OneDrive, the Microsoft cloud service. And thanks to the version of Windows Phone installed on the device, our photos, videos, contacts and settings will be synchronized to be able to enjoy the updated information from anywhere. Once configured, quickly and easily, we can download, edit and share any document even if we are about to take the subway or catching a flight. As long as we have internet connection.

With Windows Phone you will intuitively learn a new way to organize your applications and menus. In the main screen we can create shortcuts to our contacts, web pages or applications. Order them with a simple gesture and take a look in an instant. The photo galleries and videos and news applications come alive thanks to Live Mosaics that create a kind of gifs that show a preview.

Do not wait any longer and download the instruction guide to get the most out of this smartphone.

Download Manual and User Guide of Lumia 510:
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