Nokia Asha 501

Nokia Asha 501 Manual And User Guide PDF
Nokia Asha 501 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nokia Asha 501. Discover a device that will make you forget the charger and with simple but modern design and care.

One of the highlights of this mid-range smartphone is simple and elegant design. It is available in four colors: blue, red, green and yellow, and has the ideal to handle it with one or two hands size.

Resistance is outstanding and will hold the rate at which you submit will either down ravines or backcountry skiing.

Download Manual and User Guide of Nokia Asha 501

Since we have in hand a mid-range smartphone could not use overly complicated. So with Asha operating system version 1.4 we will get access to everything we like quickly.

The Fastlane functionality allows us to anchor contacts on the desktop, songs, updates or tweets so we can continue where we left off before we were interrupted. We were also notified of I like, emails and new publications in our social networks.

The Asha 501 features an LCD screen 3 “, 64 MB of RAM, microSD slot up to 32 GB. The camera has a resolution of 3.2 MP so we will need a compact camera to the desired photos.

That if, like the rest of Asha models, the battery will last us rest until 48 days.

Part of this credit goes to the Xpress browser that provides a great browsing experience with minimal power consumption and saving a good amount of megs of our data rate.

Although not one of a kind we can enjoy the most advanced applications like Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter. Among many others.

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