Nokia 7 Plus manual

Nokia 7 Plus . Enjoy the pure Android experience with the One version of the most “modified” operating system on the market. This version offers you the maximum speed and a system practically without tuning.

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Android One version not only allows us to enjoy an operating system without customization of the manufacturers but it avoids having to see perennial applications on our screens. Without further entering with the technical part.

We have always loved Nokia and since they entered the Android world they are clearly in our top 5. The Nokia 7 has a powerful “encapsulated” interior in a modern, curved and almost perfect design.

The 6 “of its FHD + screen is a real show to enjoy multimedia content and even allows us to divide the screen into two sub screens, for example, use the WhatsApp while watching a video or surfing the Internet.

The performance comes from the hand of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 (low a bit compared to Nokia 8 but it is more than enough) of eight cores to which is added an Adreno 512 GPU to withstand games and heavy applications.

The 4 GB RAM is more than enough to not have a single break in the life of the device. Internal memory goes over with its 64 GB.

And to put the icing on the cake: the cameras. They never fail in the Nokia so it only remains to say that it has Zeiss optics and a resolution of 16 MP with 1080p video recording and perfect selfies with optical zoom of two magnifications.

The battery of 3,800 mAh capacity to hold up to the longest days and USB type C for fast charging. Discover a lot on the Official Website of Nokia and if you still do not know the Android range of Nokia.

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