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Nokia 222 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nokia 222. There is a law among the smartphone that is not correct.

The smartphones are not better the bigger they are but the more useful.

This means that its supposed quality depends on the utility we are going to give it.

For those users who do not want to know anything about social networks.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Nokia 222

Or you like to watch movies on the 50 inches of your TV. Or prefer your laptop to surf the Internet … for all of them is the Asha 222.

Although officially asha does not have in its name, it is clearly a direct descendant of this series.

The 222 has physical characteristics that deviate from the standard. The device hit the market often have increasing screen size. Many user nor would turn to see is moving in a shop window but lots to look for other mobile functions.

One of the most desired by all users is the battery life. A larger screen results in high battery consumption.

And this without regarding other specifications. The 222 gives you up to 24 hours of talk time with its battery of 1,100 mAh.

It has a 2.4 “screen to search the internet for what we want. A physical keyboard to use social networks quickly. And of course, incorporates a 2 MP camera to capture images and social videos.

Finally we realize that is not a mobile to the last but has what it takes to be useful. Calls, many hours of battery, camera and a size suitable for the smallest pocket.

If you want a rugged smartphone, you will give few headaches and for the right … the Asha 222 is the device you are looking for.

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