Nokia 108 Manual and user guide PDF

Nokia 108 Manual and user guide PDF
Nokia 108 Manual and user guide PDF

Nokia 108. A smartphone for those who do not want to mess with communications. Share via Slam images and videos between Bluetooth devices and with your long battery you will have the phone active for up to 31 days. Enjoy your new Nokia for much longer.

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Enjoy your favorite music thanks to the microSD slot of the 108 with which you can store thousands of songs. The maximum capacity is 32GB which means many hours of music. It also has an integrated FM radio for you to enjoy wherever you are. It also has a hands-free kit so you forget everything and just dedicate to leisure. It has support for ACC, MIDI, MP3 and WAV formats. We can also create playlists to organize our music by styles or moods.

The main camera has few megapixels, as is normal in these devices. Just 0.3 MP to capture photos to update our profile and little else. The purpose of this Nokia is to be economical, simple and always available to receive or make a call.

In this last point your battery comes into play. It offers up to 31 days of standby time. This means that we will forget about the charger and that it will withstand the longer trips and sessions. No more running out of battery in the worst of times, with 108 you will always be available.

The dimensions of the device make it perfect to go anywhere and its price is another plus point for those looking for calls, messages and little else. It has Bluetooth compatibility and comes with the native Slam application to share the photos and videos that we do quickly and easily.

As a conclusion, we have in front a very cheap smartphone and that offers the services of a lifelong mobile but with quality and guarantee of an experienced brand.

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